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Photo of  Halton Wood Carvers

Halton Wood Carvers

Main Contact:Joy Woodward
Tel:905-873 9158
Category:Other Media

Halton Wood Carvers is a group dedicated to realizing the full potential of carving in wood. Our fully equipped studio allows us to practice new and old techniques and share our collective knowledge and experience.

Our members are multi-trained and have previously practiced in such medium as sculpting in clay and stone, painting with oils, acrylic and water colours, drawing with ink, charcoal etc., glass work....even building kayaks and canoes, but the one thing we all have in common is our love for wood, its beauty, versatility and ultimate potential.

Our club's aim and objective is to develop a high standard of artistry and craftsmanship in wood carving and related activities, also to promote an interest and appreciation of wood carving in Halton and surrounding areas.

New members are always welcome.

The woodcarving studio is alive with wonderful, life-like birds, animals and fish. The members of Halton Carvers Club offer a fascinating journey into the art of woodcarving. Carving instruction, workshops, and demonstrations are available.

If you are looking for a hobby, this might be it! Drop in for a get-aquainted visit. Woodcarvings for sale. Member of the National Woodcarvers Association.

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