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Artwork from Williams Mill Artists
Artwork from Williams Mill Artists
Artwork from Williams Mill Artists
Artwork from Williams Mill Artists
Artwork from Williams Mill Artists


The Williams Mill is home to a wealth of talent in sculpture. A one-of-a-kind piece of sculpted art for you garden or home will delight.

Artists sculpt in soapstone, alabaster and marble among others, and subjects run the gamut from people-centred themes to the abstract.

Visit the stone sculptor's studio in the small courtyard.

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Photo of Graham Bowden

Graham Bowden - Sculpture
Stone sculptures are 3-dimensional expressions of strength and balance. In each sculpture Graham uses the shape and colour, the subtle turnings and shadows, and the fine lines and planes to contain and reveal the inner energy. The observer is drawn to interact with the art and to feel the energy infused through the artist’s hands.

Photo of Mary Ellen Farrow

Mary Ellen Farrow - Sculpture
Mary Ellen works mainly in stone, carving directly into limestone, marble, alabaster or soapstone. She produces sculptures from monumental to miniature; her work has been commissioned both publicly and privately. It has been presented as awards and corporate gifts as well as enhancing the décor of private homes and gardens.

Photo of Sandra Hayworth

Sandra Hayworth - Sculpture
For the past eight years I have focussed on sculpture, in clay and stone, under the tutelage of Michael Young and Mary-Ellen Farrow, at the Oakville Art Society and the Williams Mill. I love the physicality of working in stone, and enjoy bringing out the wonderful colour and visual texture hidden in a "lump of rock"!

(Entries 1 to 3 of 3)

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